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Worship centers in Duplin County, North Carolina

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  • Albertson Tabernacle
  • Alum Springs Church (christian)
    Red Hill Road
  • Bear Marsh Church (christian)
    Beautancus Road
  • Bethany Chapel (christian)
  • Bethany Church (christian)
  • Bethel Church (christian)
    Jackson Store Road
  • Bethel Church (christian)
  • Bethel Church (christian)
  • Bethel Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    Bethel Church Road
  • Bethlehem Church (christian)
  • Betholite Church (christian)
    Betholite Road
  • Beulaville Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Jones Street
  • Beulaville Free Will Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Lyman Road
  • Beulaville Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Cavenaugh Street
  • Beulaville Presbyterian Church (christian)
    Thomas Street
  • Beulaville United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
  • Bible Believers Fellowship Church (christian)
    Brandon Road
  • Big Zion Church (christian)
  • Bowdens Church (christian)
  • Brocks Chapel (christian)
  • Burning Bush Church (christian)
    Juniper Road
  • Byrds Chapel (christian)
    Byrds Chapel Road
  • Cabin Church (christian)
    Sand Ridge Road
  • Calvary Church (christian)
    East Pollock Street
  • Calvary Church (christian)
    Wesley Chapel Road
  • Carlton Methodist Chapel (christian - methodist)
    Isham Frederick Road
  • Cedar Fork Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Cedar Fork Church Road
  • Charity Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    East Charity Road
  • Coles Chapel (christian)
    Ludie Brown Road
  • Corinth Church (christian)
    Cornwallis Road
  • Cypress Creek P Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Lightwood Bridge Road
  • Deavers Chapel (christian)
    Tram Road
  • Dobson Chapel (christian)
    South Dobson Chapel Road
  • Elder Chapel (christian)
  • Elders Chapel (christian)
  • Faison Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Williams Street
  • Faison United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    Solomon Street
  • Faisons Chapel (christian)
    Faison Chapel Road
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Firehouse Road
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    North Church Street
  • Freewill Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Smith Street
  • Freewill Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Sarecta Road
  • Friendship Church (christian)
  • Friendship Church (christian)
  • Friendship Church (christian)
  • Full Gospel Tabernacle (christian)
    Jones Turner Road
  • Garners Chapel (christian)
    Garner Chapel Road
  • Gradys Chapel (christian)
    Liddell Road
  • Grim Chapel (christian)
  • Grove Church (christian)
    South Main Street
  • Guiding Star Church (christian)
    Clinic Circle Drive
  • Gum Branch Church (christian)
    Sarecta Road
  • Hallsville Church (christian)
    South Blizzard Town Road
  • Harper-Southerland Memorial Church (christian)
    Bill Sutton Road
  • Hebron Church (christian)
  • Hills Chapel (christian)
    Eddice Taylor Road
  • Hines Chapel (christian)
    Prospect Street
  • Holy Temple
  • House of Prayer Church (christian)
  • Island Creek Church (christian)
  • Island Creek Church (christian)
  • Johnson Church (christian)
    Johnson Church Road
  • Jones Chapel (christian)
    Green Branch Road
  • Jones Chapel (christian)
  • Jones Chapel (christian)
  • Jones Free Will Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West Parker Street
  • Kenansville Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Routledge Road
  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Rosemary Road, 405 28458 Rose Hill
    Phone: 910-289-3537
  • Laniers Chapel (christian)
  • Long Ridge Church (christian)
    Tram Road
  • Macedonia Church (christian)
  • Macedonia Holiness Church (christian)
  • Maranatha Church (christian)
  • Masses Chapel (christian)
    Sarecta Road
  • Moses Chapel (christian)
    David Bright Road
  • Mount Calvary Church (christian)
  • Mount Gilead Church (christian)
    Farrior Road
  • Mount Horeb Church (christian)
  • Mount Zion Church (christian)
    Odom Street
  • Muddy Creek P Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
  • New Christian Chapel (christian)
  • New Hope Church (christian)
  • Northeast Church (christian)
  • Oak Dale Church (christian)
    Deep Bottom Road
  • Oak Grove Church (christian)
  • Old Bethlehem Church (christian)
  • Outlaws Bridge Church (christian)
    Outlaws Bridge Road
  • Pearsall Chapel (christian)
    East Wards Bridge Road
  • Pearsall Chapel (christian)
  • Pentecostal Church of God (christian)
  • Peters Tabernacle (christian)
    Wallace Highway
  • Piney Green Church (christian)
  • Piney Grove Church (christian)
  • Piney Grove Church (christian)
    Old 24 Road
  • Pleasant View Church (christian)
  • Poston Church (christian)
  • Providence Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    Providence Church Road
  • Rainbow Chapel (christian)
    Lanefield Road
  • Red Hill Church (christian)
  • Rockfish Church (christian)
    Sunset Drive
  • Rones Methodist Chapel (christian - methodist)
    Garner Chapel Road